Saturday Skypecast #9: October 14, 2006, at 7.45 pm GMT

This time we meet at a quarter to 8 pm GMT to be really ready to discuss slides at the proper time. Topic: Do you like spending time off the beaten track?

If you want, you can download the presentation in MS Powerpoint format that we'll use in this Skypecast, so as to be prepared for the Skypecast.

Don't forget to go to this page when the skypecast starts, in order to see the slides.


Robert said…
Hi. I saw powerpoint file. This scypecast will be very difficult for me :(
Jola said…
Hi Rober,
I am sorry, but for me too :)
We will try to make every second presentation easier, or maybe mix levels at one.

But please don't give up!


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