From Saddam Hussein’s Death Sentence to Drinking Red Wine

On Sunday’s Skypecast session, over ten people—from Poland, Germany, Argentina, China, Japan, Netherland, U.S, etc.—had participated. We had a great time.

In 90 minutes, we had visited several topics: the death sentence of Saddam Hussein (the news of the day); pros and cons of the capital punishment; NBA games and Yao Ming; the non-smoking law passed in Argentina prohibiting smokers from dining in restaurant; the benefit of drinking red wine, and finally physical excise for living longer.

The theme, as a after thought, seems to be that whether or not Saddam is going to die any time soon, we all want to live longer by not being exposed to the secondhand smoking, getting the magic substance out of red wine, and swimming and doing yoga as often as we can.

We might as well succeed.


Jola said…
Yeah, it was an engaging conversation although we didn't agree to a couple of issues.
In my opinion we shouldn't support the capital punishment for Hussein, we (human beings) should stop killing others even so bad as aforementioned.
Also, we shouldn't discriminate smokers, let them live their own lifes.

And, btw, what is this magic substance? I don't like wine.:)
Hi Jola,

the substance is "flavonoid phenolics"

you can find more about this in this article:"

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