Globalization, MacDonald Burger, and Obesity

Fortunately, unlike our Saturday’s Skypecast session, the one I hosted on Sunday did work out fine. However, I struggled during the first ten something minutes, mainly because that I had to get a familiar with the control functions of the latest Skype 3.0, which I downloaded yesterday, and that we were a bit swarmed by more people joining us; there were about 30 people in the session at one time. I thanked everyone who was patient with me.

After that, we covered several interesting topics, starting with Russia’s recent entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO), and extending it to the pros and cons of globalization. MacDonald, the fast food chain based in the United States, was singled out as a poster boy for the global trade and western cultural influence. Some of us shared our observations of the MacDonald restaurants in Poland, Argentina, Singapore, China, and the U.S.

On the side, Ignacio of Argentina mentioned about the recent lawsuit file in Argentina against MacDonald because of not-well-cooked burger causing some serious health problem to a few consumers. I also brought a famous lawsuit against MacDonald in the U.S., in which an old lady got hurt badly for crashing her car when a cup of hot coffee she bought in MacDonald spilled out in her laps while she’s driving. She won and got millions of dollars.

We later moved on talking about the news saying that China has about 60 millions of obese people, the size of the population of France. The junk food, like sold in the MacDonald restaurant, is one of the sources to blame for. But James Lee from Singapore also pointed there might be even more Chinese who are still living in poverty.

In the last topic we covered, Jola of Poland talked about the pop star Madonna’s recent controversial adoption in Africa. From there, we discussed the international adoption in general, based on the observations of adoption cases in Romania, Singapore, and China.

That’s quite a discussion for a bit less than two-hour Skypecast session. After it ended, it was my lunch time. I had a giant beef burger, not from MacDonald, but a famed local family-owned Deli. It tasted so good that I decided to enjoy it first and worry about obesity later.

Hope to talk to you next Sunday.


Jola said…
I think that we really need our Moodle Class to explain some vocabulary and to have other example how to use them and have possibility to repeat them later on.
Btw, I don't like Madonna's songs and don't like the hype over celebrities. :)

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