Howdy guys!

Yesterday we talked about podcasts, I am sure that Ignacio will post something more complex and in better English. I only want to say that I am often sad that still so many people know so little about this wonderful technology.

We have another website, based on Moodle, and maybe we open a simple course about podcasts to give everyone the opportunity to take advantage of them to learn and improve your English.

While waiting for more detailed information about this, let me suggest a couple of podcasts:

Most intermediate learners start by listening to Dr. Jeff from LA in the US, more advanced ones can listen to The Bob and Rob Show, or to the shorter but full of expressions Johnny's ESL Page.

For our Polish participants I recommend reading an article "Jak odmieniłam czyjeś życie, czyli co nieco o podcastach".

To be honest, there are plenty of learning podcasts and millinons of free, interesting audio for advanced learners of English.

I think that we can prepare information about podcasts in wiki format, so everyone willing to contribute to prepare a course on podcasts is welcome to contribute. Let us know, please.

Here we can share our opinions and problems :) To edit Moodle wiki document one has to log in.


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