St. Andrew's Day

St. Andrew's Day is celebrated in all Europe on St. Andrew Eve, i.e. on November 29.

That evening girls and young women gather to talk about their future, who of them will be the first one to get married or find their loved one.

Many activities lead to guess the future boyfriend's name, the colour of hair and the happiness in the relationship.

The most popular fortune-telling activity is pouring wax on the cold water and then put one shoe of each girl in the direction of the door - the owner of the shoe that first reaches the door will be the first one on the bridal carpet.

Boys and young men have their similar feast on the St. Catherine Eve, which is celebrated on November, 24.

Another holiday in Poland is December 6 gift-shower when people receive small gifts as proof of love and friendship.

By they way, I regret that I was not able to participate in our weekly Skypecasts, I am really curious about people's opinion about the Borat movie. I found it funny, provocative and some parts simply disgusting. Anyway, my favourite scene is the one with cockroaches :)

(edited by Paulino 12/03/06)


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