Let's Blame It To Murphy

On our Sunday’s Skypecast, we had a great lineup from EPOTI Group: Jola, Marian, Paulino, Ignacio, and I all showed up, a rare occasion for such a unity. We were ready to roll up our sleeves, or clear our throat, to have a wonderful Skypecast to talk about the movies. We were excited.

Paulino was hosting the Skypecast. Despite he repeatedly encouraged the listeners to speak up, only one or two were willing. This was unusual quiet comparing to our previous sessions. We thought something wasn’t going right.

It turned out. Something went terribly wrong. We didn’t know it until our host, Paulino, was kicked out of the Skypecast, and could not rejoin us. The reason? Skypecast was experiencing a major technical problem. And no one else could join us.

It lasted for over hour. When Paulino was finally able to get back in, it’s the tail end of our Skypecast, with only one or two listeners joining us for a brief chat.

For those listeners who tried to join us but failed, let’s blame it to Murphy. It’s a perfect testimony of Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong, it will.


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