Saturday Skypecast without co-moderator

This week's Skypecast for Saturday did not have a co-moderator. I started the Skypecast and waited for one of my other members from the epoti-team. Unfortunately, they all seemed to be offline in Skype.

It was not so bad, but we did not have a specific topic for this event. So I just tried to keep the participants talking. First they could introduce themselves, then I asked each one what he/she did for living.

So we finally talked about "what is a housewife?" and I explained the difference between a washing machine and a dishwasher (don't put your good china in the washing machine ;-) ). We then talked a little bit about music styles and what music people are listening to in Germany.


paulino brener said…
Marian, I am sorry none of us were available to help you with this skypecast. I am sure you did a great job by yourself!
And it's true... we shouldn't put our good china in the dishwasher...nor our good housewife! :-)

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