6 Jan 2007


Last Friday we met in a small group and enjoyed learning English together. Thank you for your participation: Robert, Arek and Ignacio.

We talked about animals and learned that:

one sheep and two sheep (fish, deer, reindeer), female form: ewe, male ram and baby lamb (silent b).

Next we looked at plural forms of: goose (geese), louse (lice), mouse (mice) and ox (oxen).

Finally we found out about female forms of: bull (cow), drake (duck), dog (bitch), cock (hen), gander (goose), lion (lioness), tiger (tigress), stag (dow), stallion (mare) and ram (ewe).

Ignacio explained an expression: the former - the latter and proverb: What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

On the Moodle site (letslearnenglish.info) you can find exercises to learn them and repeat to improve your knowledge.

See you next Friday. :)