Last Friday we met in a small group and enjoyed learning English together. Thank you for your participation: Robert, Arek and Ignacio.

We talked about animals and learned that:

one sheep and two sheep (fish, deer, reindeer), female form: ewe, male ram and baby lamb (silent b).

Next we looked at plural forms of: goose (geese), louse (lice), mouse (mice) and ox (oxen).

Finally we found out about female forms of: bull (cow), drake (duck), dog (bitch), cock (hen), gander (goose), lion (lioness), tiger (tigress), stag (dow), stallion (mare) and ram (ewe).

Ignacio explained an expression: the former - the latter and proverb: What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

On the Moodle site ( you can find exercises to learn them and repeat to improve your knowledge.

See you next Friday. :)


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