Celebrate New Year Twice In Two Hours

Our last English Practice over the Internet (EPOTI) skypecast in 2006 was held on Sunday, December 31. It turned out to be a really special one, as the New Year had arrived twice during our session.

Hosting the skypecast from America, I was in the morning hours of the last day of 2006. The big apple was over ten hours away from dropping at the Time Square in New York. But we were celebrating New Year already while our skypecast was in session.

Ian Kim, a young student from South Korea, led our first New Year count down. He’s definitely looking forward to the coming year, as he’s about to go to college. One hour later, Vivian from Taiwan greeted the New Year in the island, telling us that this was her first virtual celebration of New Year.

I picked New Year Resolutions as the topic of this Sunday’s skypecast, and asked everyone to share the number one item in his or her list with us. We had plenty: finishing college (Ignacio), attending college (Ian), taking a tough English exam (Jola), coming to America (Razvan), be more active (Jade), learning another language (me). Many more people joined us but didn’t speak out their New Year Resolutions. I suggested that speaking out in a skypecast be included in their list.

I was wondering about what would be the second item on everyone’s list (mines? Losing ten pounds), but never had a chance to ask around; we barely had enough time to talk about everyone’s first choice in some details.

Can we meet again at Skypecast the same day next year to see how well, or worse, we fare with our resolution?

Xin Nian Kuai Le! (In case you are curious, it’s Happy New Year in Chinese)


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