The million dollar Skypecast (Skypecast #20)

How would you spend one million dollars? What would you do if you had one million dollars? What would you not do if you had them? This was the topic in the Saturday Skypecast that I hosted yesterday, January 13, 2007.

The idea for this topic originated in the wiki "Let's write a story. Together!", in the English Café course in our (EPOTI's) Let's learn English! Moodle site. I really encourage you to plunge in and contribute with your sentence for the story! Remember that it's a free service ;-)

We started out with some slang for money. We mentioned dough, moolah, greenbacks and of course bucks, which are common in the USA. Like always with slang, we do not suggest that you should use these words, but you should be able to recognize them and understand them.

Dough is actually the mixture of water and flour that you use to make bread. Why does this mean money too? Apparently because "bread and honey" rhymes with money, and dough is bread after all. This comes from Cockney rhyming slang.

There are many more slang words for money (some might be used only in the US, others only in the UK), so if you know more and want to share them with us, please leave us a comment! :-)

People were rather quiet yesterday, but I liked many of their opinions. In the first place, everyone agreed that they would travel if they had 1,000,000 US dollars. That makes sense, I thought — we're learning a foreign language and that'd be a great chance to really use the language. Then we discussed different ways to invest the money, that is, not just spend it but make more money. And finally, what would you not do? That's just as hard as the former question. Having a lot of money out of the blue could be harder than what one is ready to believe! What do you think? Leave us your comment! ;-)

Oh, we also talked about three idioms:
  • To look like a million bucks (= to look really good)
  • To be one in a million (= to be special)
  • To be one of a kind (= to be unique)

You can download the presentation we used. As usual, it's available in Open Office and MS Powerpoint format.

BTW, Bob and Rob talk a little about slang for money in their lesson 23 of The Bob and Rob Show.

Thanks for reading!


paulino brener said…
It looks like you had a good skypecast, Ignacio! And this is a pretty nice post, too. May be you can use your skypecasting and blogging skills to make some money one day! :-)
Ignacio said…
Thanks for your comment, Paulino! :-)

And since we talked about how to spend a million bucks this time, perhaps we can talk about how to make that money next time.

Perhaps by blogging and skypecasting? ...
Jola said…
This is a really nice post, I agree with Paulino!!

I wish I had been there, and for sure I don't want to miss the future one, is seems to be very informative :)
Open Your Wings said…
I totally enjoyed this Skypecast. Everybody shared their interesting view on what they would do if they had the one mil. We also learned some new phrases. Great job, Ignacio!

- Danling
paulino brener said…
Well... I don't know if I want to MAKE a million dollars working.... I think that's the sort of money you should win in a lottery or casino or somewhere :-)
But thinking how to make a profit out of blogging and skypecasts is not a bad idea :-) but you need committed people for that.. ehem.. ;-)
Let's make some moolah and greenbacks!! (I never heard those words in my life)

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