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Friday Skypecast: Class # 1 for intermediate level students

We're introducing a new Skypecast for intermediate level students! We will have slides and will learn together new words and expressions. It will be more like a class with different activities. The first topic is: nouns and animals.

If you find this Skypecast useful, we will repeat it every Friday at 7 pm GMT.

In order to keep it under control, it will be a "hidden" Skypecast. You can find the link on our Moodle site and in this blog, but not in the Skypecast directory (we want to avoid being overcrowded by completely random guys who are not interested in the learning process). A presentation will be available in advance for people to have time to prepare themselves a little bit if they want to.

So, I am looking forward to learning together with others from all over the world.

There is a link to Skypecast Class and here you can find a presentation. If any one thinks that the material is too difficult, let me know and I will change it.

And as usual, the EPOTI Group will hold the weekend Skypecasts on Saturday at 8 pm GMT and on Sunday at 2 pm GMT. More about this events in our Moodle site where you can find some additional materials to learn English.

Happy New Year 2007 from the EPOTI Group!


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