What Job Would You Like To Do?

On Sunday's Skypecast, we talked about "what kind of job you love to do if you could start your career all over"--nice extension to the "million dollars" skypecast that Ignacio hosted on Saturday.

I guess no one loves his or her current job that much. Quickly, all sorts of fancy jobs emerged from our participants: physicist (smarter than Einstein), astronaut (going to Mars, maybe), computer graphic designer (geek artist?), musician (of a rock band, to be exact), entrepreneur (really good at making money)...the list goes on.

It could have gone much longer if not for the technical problem at Skypecast. During our skypecast, one of our member, Paulino, text messaged us and said he could not joined because the call failed with an error message "This Skypecast has finished already." It's the same bug that has been going on with Skypecast for a while. Sometimes the problem occurred, sometimes not. The biggest problem? You have least clue on when it would occur.

Thus, we ended up with a small group for the complete session. And in the second hour, Ignacio and Jola took turn to host it, talking about living in different countries.

With money, job, and place being covered (or dreamed) so thoroughly, I figured that every participant of our skypecast would conclude one thing I did: life is goooooooooood!

Hope you will join us this coming weekend.


Jola said…
I have liked every skypecast run by EPOTI Group but this week they were special, I think. Thank you Ignacio and David for being so patient with our English and so kind to every one.
I know that our participants appreciate it.

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