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The word challenge

I have decided to post all the words found so far to the word game from last week.

How many words can you form using these letters just once?


And I challenge all our readers to find NEW words.

Post your answer here! (post a comment or send your answers to

So, try to find a new word that IS NOT in this list:

An, and, ant, ants, at, ate, dashed, date, dates, den, dent, dents, do, done, dot, dots, east, eat, end, ends, had, hag, hand, hands, has, haste, hasten, hat, hats, he, head, heads, heat, hen, hens, hone, hose, host, hot, nest, nest, net, nets, no, nod, node, nodes, nose, not, note, notes, noted, oats, ode, on, one, sad, sand, sane, sat, seat, send, sent, she, shed, shone, so, soda, son, stand, stoned, tan, ten, the, then, those, to, toad, toads, toe, toes, ton, tons, tone, tones, tosh Good luck!

Word game

This game was suggested by Ignacio and played during our Skypecast #23 on Saturday, February 10.

How many words can you form using these letters just once?


Post your answer here! (post a comment or send your answers to

Paulino: no, not, hot, sat, so, one (2/10/07)

Jola: sand, sad, hand (2/11/07)

Ignacio: send / sent, den, dent, those (2/11/07)

EPOTI featured on the Bob and Rob show!

By now most of you know about podcasts and how useful they are for learning English. One of the ESL podcasts we (EPOTI group) like is "The Bob and Rob show". It has very good information on language and culture and it's very educational yet informal and even funny.

Some EPOTI members have developed a relationship with Bob and Rob. I think Ignacio has been mentioned in several lessons and the rest of us post comments quite frequently on their blog.

In their Latest show Lesson 72: Money they mention our website! They even added the link to their side bar. Thanks Bob and Rob!!!

May be they did this because I (Paulino) have been helping with corrections to their transcripts (listen to voice message on Lesson 72 or find corrections on their discussion board -registration needed-) OR maybe because another EPOTI member (Jiri) sent them some beer and chocolate!

In any case, we are honored to be part of the Bob and Rob show!

Conference room

Class for pre-intermediate students
(Friday, 9 February at 7 pm GMT)

We will try to set up a small group of our participants for learning English together. There is room for 10 people eager to really improve their English and have fun at the same time.

Skypecast recently is full of problems so we decided to use conference room instead.

Every one who want to participate please send us an email with her/his skype name (ID) and I will call every one separately.

We will have slide show and a link will be given after joining us.

My email address is:

A video you have to watch ;-)

If your can't understand what is said in the video, you can download a transcription of the video.