The word challenge

I have decided to post all the words found so far to the word game from last week.

How many words can you form using these letters just once?


And I challenge all our readers to find NEW words.

Post your answer here! (post a comment or send your answers to

So, try to find a new word that IS NOT in this list:

An, and, ant, ants, at, ate, dashed, date, dates, den, dent, dents, do, done, dot, dots, east, eat, end, ends, had, hag, hand, hands, has, haste, hasten, hat, hats, he, head, heads, heat, hen, hens, hone, hose, host, hot, nest, nest, net, nets, no, nod, node, nodes, nose, not, note, notes, noted, oats, ode, on, one, sad, sand, sane, sat, seat, send, sent, she, shed, shone, so, soda, son, stand, stoned, tan, ten, the, then, those, to, toad, toads, toe, toes, ton, tons, tone, tones, tosh

Good luck!


Jola said…

I was working on it on Moodle Page ;-)

So if an is a word there is one at least missing word: a .
Will be looking for more.
Ignacio said…
That was an exhaustive search, Paulino! Well done! :-)

Since we got no other findings (or perhaps people didn't like the game?), I'll post some other words that you can form without repeating letters:

dash (although there's dashed in the list already)
dean (as is "My school's dean plays this game twice a week")
dos (as in "Here are some dos and don'ts for this game," but this one's a little far-fetched)
dose (as in "a lethal dose")
dosh (British slang for money -- far-fetched again)
hate (+ hated / hates)
neat (as in "let's keep this game neat and tidy")
shade (as in "let's sit in the shade by the tree!")

There might be a few more waiting for someone to find them, though...


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