What's she like? (Skypecast #27)

What a nice Skypecast we had today! Number 27, a perfect cube (three times three times three makes twenty-seven).

We discussed adjectives to describe people's character, personality and look.

Some adjectives that you probably know by now are: happy, sad, cheerful, nice, kind, friendly, shy, angry, absent-minded, smart, clever, silly, stupid, bad-tempered, stubborn, stern, greedy, ambitious, stingy, honest, earnest, patient, polite, well mannered, ill-mannered, impolite, frank, sincere, intelligent, sweet, brave, courageous, crazy, nutty, introvert, extrovert, outgoing, handsome, beautiful, and the list continues.

Today, we also discussed the following adjectives:

  • bitchy (informal!): someone who says unpleasant things about other people.
  • open-minded: someone who accepts ideas from other people. The opposite would be narrow-minded.
  • sapient (very formal): very intelligent.
  • arrogant: an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions (thanks Chris for the definition!).
  • resourceful: that is able to solve problems on his or her own.
  • obnoxious: unpleasant, offensive, bad-tempered.
  • aloof: not friendly, distant.
  • deft: skillful (to have deft hands).
  • dextrous: skillful with the hands (a dextrous magician playing tricks).
  • adroit: skillful when it comes to dealing with people (an adroit salesperson).
  • shabby: badly dressed, in a poor condition.
  • shaggy: someone who has long and untidy hair (one of the characters of Scooby-doo is called Shaggy).
  • scruffy (informal!): dirty, untidy (one of the non-robot characters of Futurama, the Planet Express janitor, is called Scruffy).
  • sleazy (informal!): unethical, immoral (a sleazy reporter asking questions that make people embarrased). [German: Schleimbeutel]
  • perceptive: someone who understand things quickly.
  • cuddly: someone who you feel like cuddling (a cuddly baby). "Dunk it in my coffee."
  • blunt: that says what he or she thinks, direct.

If you think that I'm missing an important one, please leave a comment!

We also mentioned ways to ask people what a person looks like or how that person's character is. These are a few options:

  • What's he/she like?
  • What does he/she look like?
  • May I ask you to describe him or her? (formal)
  • Would you be so kind as to describe this person? (formal)
  • What do you make of that person?

Same here: if you can think of another way, leave us your comment!

Finally, Chris, who joined us from Germany, mentioned a piece of software that allows you to watch TV over the Internet (it probably requires a broad-band connection). It's always good to listen to English as much as you can, even if you can't understand all of what is being said. If you want to give it a try, visit TVU networks.


Jola said…
Thank you Ignacio for so many words with their explanations, I think that this post will hit most traffic.

Of course the list is not complete, we have some other words on our Moodle site:
here is basic vocabulary:
and advanced ones for hard-working learners.

Have a nice and fruitful learning :)

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