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Everything about sport but football (soccer)

I was hosting Saturday skypecast # 32 because both Paulino and Ignacio were out of town. My co host was Robert, helping with the driving the conversation and getting people a link to our page.

We were talking about sport, trying to describe different kinds of sport and what we liked practice or watch on TV. As usual describing something occurred to be difficult because of lacking some vocabulary :) There were two guys trying to dominate the talking area and they have to be disappointed as they left us after I asked them to let other guys talk too.

Our favourite sport: basketball and ice hockey. Also we were trying to understand nordic walking's rules.

Rene was trying to put us off this subject but we were strong up to one hour. Later on some new people joined us and we had ten guys in talking area and we forgot about sport having really nice time with Julie, Cathy and their friends. After two hours and 15 minutes I had to leave this nice company but Robert stayed longer.


Skypecast # 31: Mr. Alien story

In this skypecast we had some fun writing a story together based on a previous post "Mr. Alien"

But this is just ONE version of the story. May be you can write your own! Please post it here (leave a comment) or send it to Thanks!!!

Mr. Alien story

created by Lio, Jenni, Zemoon, Jameel and Paulino (during Skypecast # 31)

Mr. Alien comes from a far away planet. This planet is called Pluto.

Mr. Alien has some trouble with his spaceship and he is forced to land in a new planet that he has never seen before.

Mr. Alien meets some people in a new culture.

Mr. Alien is trying to explore the area.

The first thing he does is to look around to find some friends or shelter.

He finds a new kind of creatures.

When Mr. Alien looks at these creatures he is dazzled by the rays of light coming from these creatures and this makes him change his color.

He is scared and shocked. His eyes are bigger than before.

And then he runs away to save his life.

Winter... Spring..and then Winter Again

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minnesota is a state in the northern central region of US (known as Midwest). This state is known for its long (very long) winters. They are also very cold winters. But one would hope that by the end of March, and with Spring officially "announced", the snow would melt away and green would slowly start to surround us. And that DID happen. We had a few lovely and sunny days with temperatures rising up and signs of Spring everywhere: small buds on the trees, more birds flying around, etc.
But yesterday the Winter King decided to pay us his last visit of the year and everything went white again. Unbelievable! Well.. everything is possible in the land of 12,000 lakes. Anyway, we tried to make the most of it. I admired how beautiful the trees looked with snow on their branches and children everywhere made their (probably and hopefully) last snow man of the season.
Ok, now...that's it! We want the Spring Fairy to come and bless us with green …

The little mermaid straggling with nausea

powered by ODEO

The little mermaid has nausea so she tiptoes like a house on fire to find herself far away from streets seething with people.

She is being seething at this moment although she is placid and tranquil by nature, but she would not like to be pried into her issues right now.

In this regard she is like a normal human being, making a fallacious assumption that if she stashed herself away she would be capable of being imperceptible.

Snap out of it, the little mermaid! You can't throw everyone off, there is always someone with his/her eyes goggled at you.

Don't feel demeaning by his or her gruff behavior, you can cope with everything.

Should you wish correct this text feel absolutely free to do it even though it takes up your time. :)
Any comments and the story ending are warmly welcome too.

Easter Monday

Easter Monday is the second day of polish feast after Easter Sunday. In Polish it is called: Lany Poniedziałek or Śmigus-Dyngus. This day is a public holiday.

That day in polish tradition boys and young men threw water on young women and girls who they thought were attractive and loved ones.

Some years ago, especially in big cities it meant danger of being soak to the skin by teenagers hunting with big basket in the streets on virtually everyone.

The polish governments and officials have been fighting with such a tradition for some last years, and trying to put this custom in moderate way: so you can use water but try to not exaggerate with it and not harm any one.

All in all it is not a good day for taking a walk and when it rains we say: this is a really Lany Poniedziałek.

mr. alien

What happened to mr. alien? What is he thinking? Why did he change color? Why did he run the other way?

If you have answers to any of these questions, please let me know (post a comment).