Everything about sport but football (soccer)

I was hosting Saturday skypecast # 32 because both Paulino and Ignacio were out of town. My co host was Robert, helping with the driving the conversation and getting people a link to our lookr.net page.

We were talking about sport, trying to describe different kinds of sport and what we liked practice or watch on TV. As usual describing something occurred to be difficult because of lacking some vocabulary :) There were two guys trying to dominate the talking area and they have to be disappointed as they left us after I asked them to let other guys talk too.

Our favourite sport: basketball and ice hockey. Also we were trying to understand nordic walking's rules.

Rene was trying to put us off this subject but we were strong up to one hour. Later on some new people joined us and we had ten guys in talking area and we forgot about sport having really nice time with Julie, Cathy and their friends. After two hours and 15 minutes I had to leave this nice company but Robert stayed longer.

Surely it is difficult learn in such a big company, but you can always improve your listening and speaking skills.


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