The little mermaid straggling with nausea

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The little mermaid has nausea so she tiptoes like a house on fire to find herself far away from streets seething with people.

She is being seething at this moment although she is placid and tranquil by nature, but she would not like to be pried into her issues right now.

In this regard she is like a normal human being, making a fallacious assumption that if she stashed herself away she would be capable of being imperceptible.

Snap out of it, the little mermaid! You can't throw everyone off, there is always someone with his/her eyes goggled at you.

Don't feel demeaning by his or her gruff behavior, you can cope with everything.

Should you wish correct this text feel absolutely free to do it even though it takes up your time. :)
Any comments and the story ending are warmly welcome too.


Jola said…

I am really grateful to you for recording this story. It is more than useful to listen to full structures when you learn them :)
Hope we can cooperate in such a way in the future.

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