Skypecast # 31: Mr. Alien story

In this skypecast we had some fun writing a story together based on a previous post "Mr. Alien"

But this is just ONE version of the story. May be you can write your own! Please post it here (leave a comment) or send it to Thanks!!!

Mr. Alien story

created by Lio, Jenni, Zemoon, Jameel and Paulino (during Skypecast # 31)

Mr. Alien comes from a far away planet. This planet is called Pluto.

Mr. Alien has some trouble with his spaceship and he is forced to land in a new planet that he has never seen before.

Mr. Alien meets some people in a new culture.

Mr. Alien is trying to explore the area.

The first thing he does is to look around to find some friends or shelter.

He finds a new kind of creatures.

When Mr. Alien looks at these creatures he is dazzled by the rays of light coming from these creatures and this makes him change his color.

He is scared and shocked. His eyes are bigger than before.

And then he runs away to save his life.


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