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Lets talk about fine arts

Renoir vs. Monet Landscapes
Nice and educative video with English subtitles which I have found at youtube. Enjoy :)

We seized the point at once

During last skypecasts I have been trying to talk about colours and jobs but after some time someone has seized the opportunity of free talking and we have ended up with really interesting discussion like Web 2.0 tools, over powerful Google, English as a killer of our own native languages and culture or aliens and how-to-learn-English.

I have been wondering if this democratic skypecasts does not mean that someone else seizes power of my hosting and I have been seized by a feeling of doubt. Yet people have been active and stay in over two hours so maybe that should be: I prepare some activities but my participants decide what we will do exactly.

So seizing the initiative is nothing bad if the subject of the discourse is seized upon on our participants. Even better for all although some of them are so talkative that it is difficult to comprehend them.

At the end of the dayseizure of someone's skypecasts make them more attractive and diverse unless there is someone who says more than fi…

Attenborough - Can We Save Planet Earth?

Can We Save Planet Earth?

Alan Johnston missing


USA For Africa We Are The World

Old, beautiful song with lyrics you can read in the same time. Enjoy!

Walking with Dinosaurs pt.1 New Blood

New Blood (1 OF 6) Life in the late triassic. When dinosaurs first appeared about 230 million years ago the world was very different. There were very few of the animal groups we recognise today - no mammals, no birds and no lizards. But there were some lizard-like reptiles.

Light of the World

Pictures courtesy of NASA from the hubble space telescope (Public domain pictures) and a brilliant Christian Rock soundtrack called Light of the World by Higher Ground Band.

Programme 2: Staying Alive

The Universe is a dangerous place. This programme investigates our survival in space.

Blue Planet 1

The Blue Planet, the definitive exploration of the Earth's final frontier. From the deep to the shore, from pole to pole it revealed extraordinary life and behaviour that had never before been filmed. In some cases the species were only recently known to scientists.

This is the first part of the whole series which you can find here. Enjoy!!!