American vs. British English

Enjoy! :)


Philip said…
I don't get it "teacher" and teacher" were almost identical and certainly not much difference to idiolects of different people in the US - can't see any big difference and did not bother watching more after that.
Philip said…
Yes Jola, it is a bit like the "Emperor's New Clothes", the accents, are so different, the accents are so different, the accents... heah, there is no real difference between those speakers - perhaps I will watch further than that first example - I mean seriously, was that a joke, they were virtually identical?
Jola said…
Philip, you rescued me, of course I can recognise British and American accents but in this case I have some problems. But it is funny and gives us the idea: we all speak a little bit different, and that's that. English is for expressing ourselves and communicate, not for imitating one person from Native Speakers or TV.
Another question is: do you enjoy your conversation or just yourself talking with such a nice proper accent?
Philip said…
Right, I see that I "jumped the gun" having watched the rest of the video, I appologise everyone, yes that was a joke video, Philip.
Jola said…
Yes, this one is for fun but there are some interesting or important-for-exams differences in vocabulary and proper prepositions. Some of them we can learn from The Bob and Rob Show... very good podcast for advanced learners of English, btw.

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