Doing the washing

I do my washing in a washing machine. Some people take their washing to a launderette where there are coin-operated machines for washing, spinning and drying clothes. I keep my washing machine in the bathroom but some people keep theirs in the kitchen or in a utility room.

The washing machine has different wash programmes for clothes of different fabrics; there is an extra soaking cycle for particularly dirty clothes, extra rinse cycles for people with sensitive skin and there are gentle programmes for silk and wool. So my first task is to separate the clothes and linen into different piles according to their colours and washing requirements. I use eco-friendly washing powder to get the clothes clean and fabric conditioner to make them smell pleasant. These powders or liquids have to be poured into compartments in a drawer on the control panel. I choose a suitable programme for each wash by pressing buttons on the control panel and after the last rinse circle I pull my clean clothes out of the machine into a laundry basket.

Then I carry them out to my balcony where I hang them to dry on a clothes horse. I use clothes pegs to attach them to the bars of the clothes horse; I don’t want my clean handkerchiefs, socks and lacy underwear to blow away in the wind!
I have not got a tumble dryer, some of my friends have washing machines which incorporate a dryer; they have an extra, optional drying cycle at the end of the wash. Separate tumble dryers are not common in Poland.

Finally I do the ironing using an electric steam iron and an ironing board. I make neat piles of smooth clean fragrant linen and clothes and put them tidily away in drawers and cupboards.


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