Happy Blog Day!

Let's celebrate this day and promote others :)

Blog Day 2007

"On October 15th, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind - the environment. Every blogger will post about the environment in their own way and relating to their own topic. Our aim is to get everyone talking towards a better future."

True Travel Tales with lots of travel-relating links.

An old school brother who gives his thoughts, opinions and insights on political and social issues of the day. He cares if you agree, and cares less if you disagree. No political correctness, or spell check on this blog. He cut's to the chase with short, intense or stimulating opinion and comments – as he leans to the left and right for balance - calling it the way he sees it. He is a former Democrat, turned Republican, now an Independent; who is politically biased, pretending to be neutral."

The story of my life, on the net."

For these who want to learn German.


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