Harship of being a reporter

To make a perfect picture is not easy in both real and second life. And working on them in Google Picassa instead of Photoshop is a real challenge, but it is worth this fun I have with it.
I decided that Epoti deserves its own place to improve English and to learn some new things about Second Life in peace. In the end of the day it is not so expensive and maybe we will find a way to ear some money to have found for it. But of course I am still waiting for your personal opinion and for some guy who has been pushing me into it.

There are more pictures from from this world.

Giovanni and Ivan at Giovanni's school. Thank you Giovanni for your explanations and kind offer. I never forget about prims :)

Ivan, Maggie, me and Marian at ASL.

A weird place for new guys in SL.

Petra's class.

Petra, Philip and me at Philip's constantly being rebuilt school.

Petra and me on her island.

Looking at my own nails? It means that avatars live their own lifes. LOL.

I have never thought that I am narcissist and like taking pictures of myself. Hm...

Maxie future school, really nice place and huge one.

Margaret and Ivan playing go.

With Maggie in someone house. Looks really nice, isn't it?

Maggie likes this fish tank/water-glass/aquarium, me too.

Maggie has problems with voice in SL, no one knows why.

Jayan with some clothes at last. There are from right: me, Ivan, some other guy from Poland and Jayan.

On Inge islad: Jayan (still in pyjamas), Inge, Margaret and me with some annimals being domesticated.

Teaching Jayan how to dress some clothes up.

Trying the same but with Ivan's help. To demonstrate Ivan is changing his appearance, I was really funny.

Some more pictures from Inga's place: from right: Inge, me, Ivan, Margaret, some Japanese guy sleeping this time and Jayan.

This is a strange place for new guys, Margaret is sitting on the dragon.

My favourite place to think: Vincent van Gogh Museum.


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