Looking for speaking area for Epoti Group in SL

During the last days I have visited some new places and was talking to our friends from Epoti Group there. I have met some new guys and there is a report from this trips. Have you ever travelled so fast and taken pictures which you can immediately publish on the blog? Funny.

Yuuki, Margaret (Bracken) and me at Giovanni School.

Flying over some park next to Giovanni School .

Nice place above the park.

A piece of land of no one, or of SL for experimenting, very nice view :)

Me, Marian's (Jim's) one of avatars and Ivan (Johnius) in ASL.

Me, Philip (Back), Marian (Jim), Ivan (Johnnius) and Maggie (Mikki) at Marian's School.

A club for new guys in SL, the magic table with chairs which automatically copied when there is a need for more place to sit. What about the prims? Don't know, have to ask Marian/Jim.

Another view of this club, free enter of course but donations are welcome.

Another school in SL with some free always open activities.

Do you remember this game? Looking for a partner to learn and play in it :)

Margaret, Yuuki and me at Petra's place, I think one of my favourite location to hang out and talk.


Alois Brinkmann said…
Very intresting, thanks for the pictures and instructions. I will visit this place when I have time
Arek said…
Is the SL better than really meeting?
I know that small hidden skypecasts or conference rooms with slides are the best :)

Why we should do something like that in SL?
Jola said…
Arek, nice to see your post here. SL is better when works and we can talk there. Skypecasts don't work at all... but I hope that we get back to our small classes in the nearest future :)

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