A place to meet and talk in SL

Now we have a group in SL thanks to Margaret and we have our own place in SL thanks to Jim. He prepared some space free of charge only for our group and our friends. We can talk there and have meetings and/or classes.

The landmark is: Casa de Estaban, Pinastri (110, 183, 650)
It is on the third floor or second one and it depends on British and American language.

We can start our meeting there this Saturday at 7 pm GMT (as far as I know it is at 1 pm SL time).

Honestly speaking we have some small talk right now every day.

Sitting at the left: Jim/Marian, Philip, Garfield, Jola/Mariola, Mikka/Maggie, Johnnius/Ivan, Margaret/Bracken and PS2.

Below some more pictures from this meeting.

Jim as a peacock.

Hanging out with Petra.

Mikka trying to see the game better.

Pictures from Philip schools.


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