Some nice places in SL

I have visited some places in Second Life. At the beginning I was bored of SL, maybe because there was no possibility to speak and not much to do yet many things to learn.

A place used by Petra to teach business intermediate English. Like this sofas.

English Village, a start of Kip's lessons. I don't know more teachers there and you cannot hang out there.

But little by little with great help of Maxie and Margaret, and now Ivan I have reached enough ability to explore this world on my own. I feel a little bit like a reporter, lol.

English Village again. The point of teleportation.

Giovanni school. We meet there before classes. The first class is free, the next cost 300 Linden dollars. But you can join this Help Team and have classes for free, as far as I know.

We, with Ivan and Yuuki in class of Giovanni school. Always opens to hang out.

I have taken some pictures of important places for learning... and some which be used for our small group to hang out.

Yuuki, me and Ivan on IBM island. Plenty of space, high technology, always opens to hang out.

Kip's classes are on Fridays at 5.30 pm GMT and on Saturdays at 11 am GMT. Giovanni hired some teachers and there are classes in the work week, I will try to get that information from Ivan.

On the EdTech sim (island) with Vivian, very nice place to hang out and quite sophisticated technology used by some American professors,


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