Fridays in Second Life

It seems that as long as skypecasts don't work we will meet in SL. Apparently most of us still prefer skypecasts but SL is a good replacement for a small conference room. Everyone can join and take part in a meeting regardless of his or her voice quality... if you cannot talk you can listen to and type your part of activity.

Yesterday we were simply talking about how to do something in SL and then we played a quiz, Margaret who learned much about scripting created lots of objects to choose from and what make us laugh.

Earlier, in the afternoon, some of us attended Petra's class during which we were trying to develop the story about Mariola, and it is a good way to improve your reading and writing skills.

Some pictures from our Friday's meeting with: Margaret, Ivan, Garfield, Aleksander, Robert and me :)

Petra's class.

Maxie and her friends are preparing European Day of Languages in SL.


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