PR problems

Recently I have discovered quite nice podcast for Business English yet there are no transcripts there. I have written down one of the dialogs, from the episode A-8 PR Problems.

This is a dialog:

  • OK, the next item on our Agenda is the recent problems with PR. Our last product release sparked off some controversy. Can you give us more details?
  • Well, the problem stems from out last release having a design problem the result of which is we sold about 7500 machines that don't work.
  • I see. And this brought about the recent problems with negative reports in the media?
  • Yes, customers complained and our service department compounded the issue by not performing well. All kinds of problems ensued.
  • So the downside is our reputation is in serious danger, but the upshot is that we've learned a little about damage control. We'll have to devise a strategy with a view towards repairing the damage.
If you download mp3 and then open it in Windows Media Player you can read dialogs after switching on subtitles.


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