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A plane

We were talking about Airbus A380 recently, quite a nice plane, some pictures you can see at: Luxurious Interiors of Airbus A380 VIP 'Flying Palace'.

Below you can learn some vocabulary.

Meebo things

It seems that Meebo and TalkShoes work together and recently I was informed about possibility of a group live voice chatting, so I have gone there to check it out. It looks quite promising therefore I am going to give it a try. And as it occurred at Meebo there are lots of people looking for chatting in many languages. Chat rooms are listed on the website in contrast to skype and nothing is constantly popping up, we don't have to be there all the time. Another nice thing is possibility to post our favourite media in a chat room. So it could be a good idea for sharing some useful things for learning. Enjoy.

Are you ready for Halloween?

There are some last pictures from Second Life, and what surprised me a lot, some parts of SL are from weeks ready for celebrate Halloween, I wonder how it will look like there...

36 Hours in Hamburg

The New York Times published a short article about Hamburg. Besides learning a little about this fascinating city, it's worth discussing some of the selected vocabulary and the style of a newspaper article.

I recommend reading the article first, without revealing the words' meanings.

«Hamburg, the maritime and media center of Germany, is a city of jarring juxtapositions. The industrial waterfront heaves with rusty docks, while its center is filled with emerald parks, blue lakes and cream-colored villas. Sex workers ply their trade along the neon-lit Reeperbahn, while old-money families have made this Baroque port into Germany's richest city. And despite playing second fiddle to the cultural juggernaut that is Berlin, Hamburg breeds its own brand of the cosmopolitan cool — with a large Turkish population, gay enclaves and fashion centers — who mingle at chichi restaurants and steamy underground clubs. Where else but this high-low metropolis can you window-shop for Cartier dia…

Age and youth

It is said that young kids, especially between the ages of 3 and 6, are selfish and not very willing to share their toys. In early childhood while bringing up our children we teach them how to care for other people by helping the disabled, the needy and the aged. In my opinion the next crucial stage of life comes when toddlers turn into juveniles and get through the agonies of adolescence, particularly in a nuclear family without much assistance from members of the extended family.

Is it true that after coming of age we are more sociable? The truth is that we have more responsibilities and we are forced to learn how to get on well with others if we want to achieve our aims and have quite quiet lives but whether or not we are really sensitive depends on our character traits and not so much on our age. Moreover, while getting older and as we approach our 'second childhood' some people become selfish again.

So maybe the reality is that we are selfish by nature and only by living in…