Age and youth

It is said that young kids, especially between the ages of 3 and 6, are selfish and not very willing to share their toys. In early childhood while bringing up our children we teach them how to care for other people by helping the disabled, the needy and the aged. In my opinion the next crucial stage of life comes when toddlers turn into juveniles and get through the agonies of adolescence, particularly in a nuclear family without much assistance from members of the extended family.

Is it true that after coming of age we are more sociable? The truth is that we have more responsibilities and we are forced to learn how to get on well with others if we want to achieve our aims and have quite quiet lives but whether or not we are really sensitive depends on our character traits and not so much on our age. Moreover, while getting older and as we approach our 'second childhood' some people become selfish again.

So maybe the reality is that we are selfish by nature and only by living in society with order we adjust to life with others and care for others too.

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Ignacio said…
Great post! The vocabulary in bold typeface is very well selected! :-)

Keep up the good work!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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