Meebo things

It seems that Meebo and TalkShoes work together and recently I was informed about possibility of a group live voice chatting, so I have gone there to check it out. It looks quite promising therefore I am going to give it a try. And as it occurred at Meebo there are lots of people looking for chatting in many languages. Chat rooms are listed on the website in contrast to skype and nothing is constantly popping up, we don't have to be there all the time. Another nice thing is possibility to post our favourite media in a chat room. So it could be a good idea for sharing some useful things for learning. Enjoy.


Mark Juliano said…
Yes. We're really psyched to be working with Meebo here at TalkShoe. The application allows live group voice calling for up to 250 people. If you also want to record and podcast the conversation, you can go to
Thanks again to Meebo.

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