Structural conversion 1 (tenses)

1. I have never been given such a nice present before.
It's the nicest present I have ever been given.

2. He's never flown by Concorde before.
It's the first time he's (ever) flown by Concorde.

3. It's a long time since he visited us.
He hasn't visited us for a long time.

4. When did you leave school?
How long ago did you leave school?
How long is it since you left school?

5. The last time I saw her was a months ago.
I haven't seen her for a month.

6. He joined the golf club ten months ago.
He has been a member of the golf club for ten months.

7. It's a month since she moved to Austria.
She moved to Austria a month ago.

8. She started English lessons a year ago.
She has been taking/having English lessons for a year.
It's a year since she started taking/having English lessons.

9. Having had dinner, I went to bed.
After having dinner, I went to bed.
After I had had dinner, I went to bed.

10. I think there will be a war soon.
In my opinion, there is going to be a war soon.
If you ask me, there's bound to be a was soon.
In my estimation, war is imminent.


Ignacio said…
This is an excellent post! Paraphrasing (that is, writing a sentence with different words so that it retains the original meaning) is a fundamental skill of anyone who wants to achieve proficiency in any language (English in our case).

A few more, for those who want to practice:

11. We lived in a big city during my childhood.
When ...

12. The chairs and table s have to be moved from this room.
The furniture ...

13. I'm sure that someone left the front door opened.
Someone must ...

14. It wasn't a good idea to install this program.
You ...

15. During our meal, we discussed the things that had to be changed.
While ...


Anonymous said…
Well done! What about rewriting?
Anonymous said…
1)I only came to see you.
2)Virtue is of little value in a corrupt government.
3) He lets people laugh at him.

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