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It's all in your head

Languages are rich in idioms, and English is of course no exception. Here's a short list of idioms that include parts of the body:

To know or learn something by heart.
“She listens to that song all day long; she knows the lyrics by heart.”
(Meaning: To know or learn something using only your memory)

To be an old hand at doing something.
“She's an old hand at cooking.”
(Meaning: To have a lot of experience and skill in a particular activity)

To have or keep someone under your thumb.
“He won't say a single word. She's got him under her thumb.”
(Meaning: To be completely controlled by someone)

To stick your neck out. (informal)
“I'll stick my neck out and say that we should definitely buy shares from that Argentinian company.”
(Meaning: To do or say something when there is a risk that you may be wrong)

To face the music. (informal)
“Everyone's gone and I'm all alone to face the music now.”
(Meaning: To accept and deal with criticism or punishment for sth you have done)

To not…

Christmas Time!

As usual, in December, in many places over the world there is time for Christmas Tree and decorations. There is time for shopping and preparing for that special time of the year.

Although a lot of people do not celebrate Christmas, do not put up the tree to trim it with ornaments and lights and do not wrap presents and do not understand what that festive season symbolizes they do understand and share our feelings, which is really nice and noble.

During these days on skype and in our chat room, we have learned about other people's feasts like the Diwali Festival of Lights, and we respect and share the joy of our friends Holidays. Maybe we should start presenting festive holidays from other places and share the knowledge and pictures of them.

Here we can admire Christmas Tree in a picture taken by Maggie from Chicago.

I am really curious about Santa House. And you know, I have never heard that Santa Clause in the States and in Brazil has a wife! It abashed me so much!

To share our …

Winter in Second Life

There are some pictures from one of my favourite places in SL. Albeit there is no snow here in Poland now I wish to have some of them during Christmas time.