Christmas Time!

As usual, in December, in many places over the world there is time for Christmas Tree and decorations. There is time for shopping and preparing for that special time of the year.

Although a lot of people do not celebrate Christmas, do not put up the tree to trim it with ornaments and lights and do not wrap presents and do not understand what that festive season symbolizes they do understand and share our feelings, which is really nice and noble.

During these days on skype and in our chat room, we have learned about other people's feasts like the Diwali Festival of Lights, and we respect and share the joy of our friends Holidays. Maybe we should start presenting festive holidays from other places and share the knowledge and pictures of them.

Here we can admire Christmas Tree in a picture taken by Maggie from Chicago.

I am really curious about Santa House. And you know, I have never heard that Santa Clause in the States and in Brazil has a wife! It abashed me so much!

To share our joy please send to Epoti pictures from your places decorated for Christmas Time!

Email address is:


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Nehad Salah Maaty said…
i liked your site very much
and want to ask ,please , when do you start your lessons on skype , i mean in which time :)
hope to hear from you soon
Jola said…
Hello Nehad,

On the right menu there is a link to a public chat room. Click on it and join us or search for epoti on the list of skypecasts.
Thank you for you kindly words.

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