It's all in your head

Languages are rich in idioms, and English is of course no exception. Here's a short list of idioms that include parts of the body:

To know or learn something by heart.
“She listens to that song all day long; she knows the lyrics by heart.”
(Meaning: To know or learn something using only your memory)

To be an old hand at doing something.
“She's an old hand at cooking.”
(Meaning: To have a lot of experience and skill in a particular activity)

To have or keep someone under your thumb.
“He won't say a single word. She's got him under her thumb.”
(Meaning: To be completely controlled by someone)

To stick your neck out. (informal)
“I'll stick my neck out and say that we should definitely buy shares from that Argentinian company.”
(Meaning: To do or say something when there is a risk that you may be wrong)

To face the music. (informal)
“Everyone's gone and I'm all alone to face the music now.”
(Meaning: To accept and deal with criticism or punishment for sth you have done)

To not see eye to eye with somebody on something.
“My brother and I have never seen eye to eye on music.” And this is true.
(Meaning: To not share the same views as someone about something)

To hit the nail on the head.
“You just hit the nail on the head: that's exactly the point of the whole thing.”
(Meaning: To say sth that is exactly right)

To have a word on the tip of your tongue.
“What do you call it? I've got the word on the tip of my tongue. Ver...? Vet...?”
(Meaning: If a word is on the tip of your tongue, you are sure that you know it but you can't remember it)

Now: lend us a hand and complete the list :-)

If you know more idioms that include a part of the body, share them with us! Leave us your comment!


Maggie said…
to be a pain in the sb neck - to be very annoying
My friend asks me too much private questions. She is a real pain in the neck.
to be a pain in the ass (USA) - less polite alternative form
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