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Brainstorming game

Oh no! Yet another game? —Of course! Learning is about having fun. Period. That's the EPOTI philosophy ;-)

A few days ago I, Ignacio, started a new game in the EPOTI Google Group. A brainstorming game.

What does ‘brainstorming’ mean, you might ask? Brainstorming basically means to suggest all kinds of ideas around a main concept as a way to find a solution. You can learn more about it in this Wikipedia article.

The idea of the game is to start with a very general concept and each player in turn suggests a word or a phrase that is related to that concept—BUT, players have to explain their word or phrase, and use it in a sentence. Looking up examples on the Internet and using a dictionary is not a problem—and is even encouraged!

The goal is to broaden our vocabulary.

Example: if the general topic is to look (it doesn't have to be an action, it can also be an object), people can say things like: to stare, to gaze, to gape, to browse, to take a quick look, to go window-shopping, …

The g…

In the footsteps of Alexander the Great

It looks like the Video transcription game has caught on. We've worked successfully with four videos so far, and no one wants to stop.

The idea sounds appealing to you? Then you're welcome to join us! It's free & fun! Check out also our Audio and Video Transcription course in our Moodle website! All free of charge — plus no spam. Guaranteed :-)

(Tip: hover the mouse pointer over the underlined words in order to reveal their meaning)

«Alexander the Great was born here in Macedonia, in northern Greece, in the shadow of mount Olympus, the home of the Gods. And the Gods are as important characters in his story as he is. Zeus, Apollo, Hercules were real to him. He even proclaimed that Zeus, the king of the Gods, was his father. Alexander's tales have been told by the Greek ever since.

The legends were right about one thing in particular, that Alexander had extraordinary parents. His father Philip was a unique character. He created the Macedonian state in a matter of twenty …

Video transcription game

So, what has the EPOTI group been up to latey?

Well, we've been playing a video transcription game in the EPOTI mailing list. The rules are simple: someone picks a short and interesting video, people write one or two sentences from the video, and invite others to make corrections or continue the transcription.

With little contributions we've accomplished outstanding results. Everyone's done an excellent job. Below is a sample of a completed game. Thank you to all those who helped complete it.

If you want to play too, then just join us! It's free & fun!

Watch the video here (Opens in a new window; embedding of the video has been disabled)
(Tip: hover the mouse pointer over the underlined words in order to reveal their meaning)

«Almost as famous as Hannibal himself are the elephants used in battle. These were the Carthaginians terror weapon: small numbers of elephants could have a massive effect. It's not hard to imagine why. The sight of charging elephants would strike…