Brainstorming game

Oh no! Yet another game? —Of course! Learning is about having fun. Period. That's the EPOTI philosophy ;-)

A few days ago I, Ignacio, started a new game in the EPOTI Google Group. A brainstorming game.

What does ‘brainstorming’ mean, you might ask? Brainstorming basically means to suggest all kinds of ideas around a main concept as a way to find a solution. You can learn more about it in this Wikipedia article.

The idea of the game is to start with a very general concept and each player in turn suggests a word or a phrase that is related to that concept—BUT, players have to explain their word or phrase, and use it in a sentence. Looking up examples on the Internet and using a dictionary is not a problem—and is even encouraged!

The goal is to broaden our vocabulary.

Example: if the general topic is to look (it doesn't have to be an action, it can also be an object), people can say things like: to stare, to gaze, to gape, to browse, to take a quick look, to go window-shopping, …

The general topic I chose for the first round is: to learn. That's what we're doing, after all.

Here's a summary of the words and expressions that were posted.

This image, or better, this mind map, was created with FreeMind, an open-source mind mapping software (that I love!).

We're about to start the second round of the game. Perhaps you want to suggest a new general topic?


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