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There is no one left (2)

"Pig! Pig! Daughter of Pigs!" she said, because to call a native a pig is the worst insult of all.

She was grinding her teeth and saying this over and over again when she heard her mother come out on the veranda with some one. She was with a fair young man and they stood talking together in low strange voices.

Mary knew the fair young man who looked like a boy. She had heard that he was a very young officer who had just come from England. The child stared at him, but she stared most at her mother. She always did this when she had a chance to see her, because the Mem Sahib--Mary used to call her that oftener than anything else--was such a tall, slim, pretty person and wore such lovely clothes. Her hair was like curly silk and she had a delicate little nose which seemed to be disdaining things, and she had large laughing eyes. All her clothes were thin and floating, and Mary said they were "full of lace." They looked fuller of lace than ever this morning, but her…

There is no one left (1)

(Tip: hover the mouse pointer over the bold and italic words in order to reveal their meaning)THE SECRETGARDENBY FRANCES HODGSON BURNETTWhen Mary Lennox was sent to Misselthwaite Manor to live with her uncle everybody said she was the most disagreeable-looking child ever seen. It was true, too. She had a little thin face and a little thin body, thin light hair and a sour expression. Her hair was yellow, and her face was yellow because she had been born in India and had always been ill in one way or another. Her father had held a position under the English Government and had always been busy and ill himself, and her mother had been a great beauty who cared only to go to parties and amuse herself with gay people. She had not wanted a little girl at all, and when Mary was born she handed her over to the care of an Ayah, who was made to understand that if she wished to please the Mem Sahib she must keep the child out of sight as much as possible. So when she was a sickly, fretful, ugly …

We all are important

A little story to show you that we are all important. We all have our role here on earth and I will tell you guys about a little story that I read to my son a few days ago .It is a story about dinosaurs :
One day a fire ball fell from heaven and started a fire on this island where lots of dinosaurs dwelt . They had to run away from that island to find somewhere else to live and the strongest dinosaur led them in the finding of a new place.But he forced them to run faster and faster and allow them no time to rest and didn't care about the weak , so some were left behind because they couldn't keep up with the others . But there was this strong and humble dinosaur that stayed together with those not so fast dinosaurs trying to help them to reach the others .Tey all were thirsty, they couldn't find any water to drink so even the fastest and strong ones were in troubles they needed water and fast . One of the so-called weak dinosaur decided to give up and wait for his death but …

Some basic rules of life about politeness

Being polite is all about being considerate and appreciative, but for many people, it remains a challenge. Some have no interest whatsoever in being polite, but if you're reading this, you're probably wondering how you can improve your etiquette. At the very least, you might want to know how to avoid being rude, which can make the people around you feel offended,unwelcomed, taken for granted, uncomfortable, or even hurt.

1- Be gentle, not forceful or insistent.

2- When in doubt, observe others.

3- Be nice. Treat everyone the same way, even if you are not fond of them. Never make any enemies.

4- Start a conversation by asking questions about the other person.

5- Shake hands firmly and look your acquaintance in the eye.

6- Do not yell, or laugh at jokes or remarks you made yourself.(You better read this one twice)

7- Know the proper dinner etiquette.

8- Have a laugh which shows you are having fun, without being loud.

9- Tailor your behavior to the occasion.

- And please do not judge other…

Spiralling cost

While sitting at home in my favourite chair with nothing more taxing to do than read my favourite national newspaper, “an idle of time brought about by way of a four week leave period” I got to reminiscing about my working life at sea. This chosen career that I undertook required that I attend various training courses. I entered the industry in the capacity of cook, and left with the rank of Tug’s Master.

One such skill, “Fire fighting at sea” and in particular “The fireman’s walk” seemed very apt for the project I had in mind. I decided this skill would be an advantage to both me and my wife, if I made the effort to teach her.

“The Fireman’s Walk,” is a method of tentatively walking through a smoke filled room that has zero visibility, without injury to one’s self. Progression through the room is made slowly, while the way ahead is tested by placing the outstretched foot ahead of the body, then performing a probing arc of a circle to establish that the way ahead is sound and clear.


We travel to India


India is probably the only country with the largest and most diverse mixture of races. All the five major racial types - Australoid, Mongoloid, Europoid, Caucasian and Negroid - find representation among the people of India.


India has 17 major languages and 844 different dialects. The Sanskrit of the Aryan settlers has merged with the earlier Dravidian vernaculars to give rise to new languages.Hindi, spoken by about 45 per cent of the population, is the national language. English has also been retained as a language for official communication.Indian literature dates back several millennia to the hymns of the vedic Aryans. The oral tradition nurtured classical literature, and produced great works of philosophy and religious doctrine. It also accounted for compilations of anecdotes like the Panchatantra and the Jataka tales, as well as epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. In southern India, the creative energies of the Tamil poets found expression in the great work…

Structural conversion 2 (tenses)

11. I don't believe that he'll agree.
It's my belief that he won't agree.
I have a feeling that he won't agree.
There's no reason to believe that he'll agree.

12. While I was walking down the street, I saw Mary.
While walking down the street, I saw Mary.
When I was walking down the street, I saw Mary.
It was while I was walking down the street that I saw Mary.

13. Was there any response to his appeal?
Did anyone respond to his appeal?

14. The race takes place tomorrow.
The race will/is going to be held/take place tomorrow.
The race is scheduled to take place / for tomorrow.

15. She started doing her homework as soon as her brother had left for school.
She started doing her homework when her brother had left for school.
She didn't start (doing) her homework until her brother had left for school.
She waited until her brother had left for school before she started (doing) homework/ or before starting to do homework.
Not until her brother had left for school did she start (…