We all are important

A little story to show you that we are all important. We all have our role here on earth and I will tell you guys about a little story that I read to my son a few days ago .

It is a story about dinosaurs :

One day a fire ball fell from heaven and started a fire on this island where lots of dinosaurs dwelt . They had to run away from that island to find somewhere else to live and the strongest dinosaur led them in the finding of a new place.But he forced them to run faster and faster and allow them no time to rest and didn't care about the weak , so some were left behind because they couldn't keep up with the others . But there was this strong and humble dinosaur that stayed together with those not so fast dinosaurs trying to help them to reach the others .Tey all were thirsty, they couldn't find any water to drink so even the fastest and strong ones were in troubles they needed water and fast . One of the so-called weak dinosaur decided to give up and wait for his death but this humble and strong dinosaur would not let it happen and talked to him and persuaded him to carry on their journey for a new land . So this so-called weak dinosaur decided to get on his feet and carry on but he was so heavy that when he got up his foot made a big hole on the floor and water started to pumping out and they called for the strongest and fast dinosaurs to come back because they had found water . So they decided that from now on they would stay together because even the ones that are called the weak have their role in this life .
I hope you all can understand this story and sorry for any mistake .

Your friend

Agent Smith


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