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The Adventures of Jack Scolfield

Jack awoke this morning feeling good. It's Saturday he said aloud I have no school for two whole days. Now what sort of a day is it he wondered? Is it raining? or is the sun shining? He crawled along his bed until he arrived at the bottom and reached over towards the curtains; then quickly drew them apart with excitement, oh no he cried! As he recoiled in horror and disappointment, what a terrible day Jack said. Every school day this week had been a replica of itself, blue sky’s, brilliant sunshine, and very hot. And now this scene that he viewed through the window was more reminiscent of awinter’s day not of a summer’s day. Jack could see the rain as it bounced off neighbour’s roofs, and then flowed into awaiting gutters, and onward to the down pipes that gurgled their protestat the vast volume of water that tried to exit the gutter’s all at the same time .It’s just not fair said Jack. He crawled back up the bed, snuggled under the bed covers and said, If I cant go out and play, …