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Free English Lessons Coming Soon to EPOTI!

and I will offer new free interactive English activities on-line starting in May, 2009.  Please click on TalkShoe Introand listen to a 5 minute talkcast to hear about them.  You will need an old version of Skype to join EPOTI's interactive activities.  You can visit Skype 3.8 and download it free of charge.  There is a link to the right of this page that will let you join the EPOTI Public IM chat in Skype.  And PLEASE leave your questions and comments regarding the new activities as a comment on this post.

You might also be interested in my English Corner, an on-line open discussion activity designed for ESL/EFL students.  Native speakers often attend and it is available every weekend in every time zone.  
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Add 12 hours to English Corner #1 to get the time for English Corner #2 in any time zone. See you on-line soon! ;-)
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Learn or not to learn words?

Hello everyone, I decided that our blog needs to be a bit updated. EPOTI is a great group on skype meeting every day in text and voice conferences, both hanging around and improving their English. People are friendly and helpful, there are some native speakers helping us too. Sometimes we read, do exercises, riddles or quizzes. And sometimes some of us sing for us :)

After spending long time on skype I have to admit that speaking ablity is the most important skill in English, even if we make lots of mistakes. Anyway, as I like to learn new words I would like to share some links, even though we really do not have to memorize all of them, as someone noticed, we can find them in a dictionary and most native speakers do not use them at all.

Vocabulary for SAT examSome tests with really hard wordsA nice project aimed to save some obscure words which were thrown off from English dictionariesHappy Easter to everyone, see you in Second Life sometimes.