Free English Lessons Coming Soon to EPOTI!

 and I will offer new free interactive English activities on-line starting in May, 2009.  Please click on TalkShoe Intro and listen to a 5 minute talkcast to hear about them.  You will need an old version of Skype to join EPOTI's interactive activities.  You can visit Skype 3.8 and download it free of charge.  There is a link to the right of this page that will let you join the EPOTI Public IM chat in Skype.  And PLEASE leave your questions and comments regarding the new activities as a comment on this post.

You might also be interested in my English Corner, an on-line open discussion activity designed for ESL/EFL students.  Native speakers often attend and it is available every weekend in every time zone.  

This badge shows the date and time of the next English Corner in YOUR TIME ZONE.

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Add 12 hours to English Corner #1 to get the time for English Corner #2 in any time zone. See you on-line soon! ;-)

Write to me at for email updates regarding my English activities.


Jola said…
That is the great news, Teacher :)
Looking forward it with excitement.
Big one said…
hope I can be there next time.

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