Kate Rusby -The Yorkshire Couple

Just a song for a friend, and maybe there is anyone who could help with writing down the lyrics?

The Yorkshire Couple

Its of a Yorkshire couple, this story I'll relate,
Who waited on retirement with apprehension great.
In their little mill tied cottage, said Amos feeling low,
We've to leave this house tomorrow, wherever shall we go.
Wherever shall we go, wherever shall we go.
We've to leave this house tomorrow, wherever shall we go.

Said Martha unto Amos, well don't you fret old lad,
The thought of your retirement, it ought to make you glad.
Since the minute we got married I've saved for a rainy day,
Each time that we made love I put half a crown away.
Do you see that row of cottages, down by Dog and Gun,
We hadn't been married but a year before I'd bought first one,

The second two years later, the third it brought me tears,
The fourth one took much longer, over twenty years.
Said Amos unto Martha, you know I love you so,
And now I see the wisdom of reaping what you sow.
But one thing vexes me though, why did you never tell,
If I hadn't of played away, I'd have had Dog and Gun as well.

Said Martha unto Amos, well you know I love you dear,
But when you said you were working late, well I knew where you were.
D'ye remember our old milkman, the one that were such fun,
Well I did the same wi' him, and I bought him Dog and Gun.

Kate Rusby biography we can find on the Wikipedia

Kate Rusby (born 4 December 1973, Jessops Hospital, Sheffield), is an English folk singer and songwriter from Penistone, South Yorkshire. Sometimes known as The Barnsley Nightingale, she has headlined various British national folk festivals, and is regarded as one of the most famous English folk singers of contemporary times. In 2001 The Guardian described her as "a superstar of the British acoustic scene." In 2007 the BBC website described her as "The first lady of young folkies". She is one of the few folk singers to have been nominated for the Mercury Prize.

(source: Wikipedia)


Teacher Monkey said…
Lyrics are at http://www.traditionalmusic.co.uk/folk-song-lyrics/Yorkshire_Couple.htm
Jola said…
Thank you Teacher :)
Teacher Monkey said…
You can always find song lyrics on Google - I got these by searching Google for "lyrics yorkshire couple" - cute song ;-)
Rosey said…
Hi, I like this song and Kate's voice.But some words I don't really understand meaning(or joke)in this song,maybe teacher Monkey you could explain.
1.Dog and Gun,does mean "pub"?
2.Dose Martha tell Amos,she has relationship with Milk man and make love time more than Amos?

sorry, just want to get to know this flok song.
Mat said…
This song was actually written by Jim Mackie from Pontefract. He is in his 70's alive and well and attends the OpenMind Acoustic night at the Grove Inn on Wednesday nights in Leeds.

He has written over 150 folk songs, some with serious subjects and others more in line with this one.

He finally recorded a set of his songs in my living room a few years back. Just live recordings with all the little mistakes that that brings. As honest and brilliant as he always is.

A genuine Pontefract Legend!


There is an email address on there from which i'm sure you can get hold of a copy of the album.

I thought that information may be of use to you!

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