Their future looks bright

Peter decided to share with Jane the good news, however he wanted her not to disseminate this information with spurious friends. He just could not defer any more to send his rejoinder to the bank. He scurried to the kitchen, when Jane was trying to preclude Adam, their youngest son, from eating row rice. He stopped at the threshold, staring at his wife and child with inherent happiness and said:

'From now nothing will preclude us from buying this big house when roads bifurcate'.

His wife accosted him and asked: 'You are not going to squander the second chance and you will accede to the bank's offer to come to the office as next president, are you?'

'Well, according to our reciprocal agreement I am starting next Monday', retorted Peter.'

inherent, squander, preclude, bifurcate, disseminate, defer, reciprocal, rejoinder, scurry, spurious, threshold, accost


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