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BBC documentaries

I love watching BBC documentaries. They are highly informative, educative and really enjoyable. The level of knowledge they represent is second to none, as well as the technique and the way of presentation. All of them are like the best lectures by the best professors.  As they are produced and performed by the highly educated specialists of the fields given, the English used by them is like the people, at the very high level of the vocabulary with many interesting metaphors. The mine of the modern yet not street argot, a source it is worth learning from.  Baroque! - From St Peter's to St Paul'sSpectacular three-part series, exploring the Baroque tradition in many of its key locations. Starting in Italy and following the spread of the wildfire across Europe and beyond, art critic Waldemar Januszczak takes a tour of the best examples of Baroque to be found, and tells the best stories behind those works.Episode Three brings the Baroque home with an exploration of the English Bar…

EPOTI new log rustic house in Second Life

This is incredible, but yet it is the truth, we rent a parcel, bought a house and furnished it with lovely furniture to have a stable, nice environment for meeting with friends in Second Life.
We like to read aloud together, discuss English and speak as much as it is possible to improve our English.
I love this house, a bit of an old tavern-like, and one of my favourite places is the porch with wooden bench, adorned comfortably with cushions in pastel colours, beachy blue and green.
The heart of the house is the big lounge with the warm  reddish sitting set, with brightly blazing candles all over, as this abode has no electricity. 
But we have a brand-new TV set, with many a radio station, DVD and the picture player. We may watch videos from youtube and other websites, as well as full-length movies. 
Also there is a greedy table and some rocking chairs on the balcony. With some trees, grass and flowers all create cosy and friendly spot.

Just come to visti us at: http://maps.second…

Debauchery, licentiousness and impiety in SL

I was sitting in a lovely recess in my SL rustic house, wandering about congenial company and surroundings I have had there, but yet I had to concede that it is not always a leg up for my English practice.
Some cogent arguments forced me to try this way of studying a language and having fun at the same time; no one used any coercion to keep me there.
Nor anyone acts in collusion to pressure baneful influence on me. And even though some people behave in SL as if they forgot about possibility of condign punishment for they deeds it does not mean that I am going to look at it with spellbound amusement.
Yet I will never ask what resides people’s heads, it could be heartbreaking knowledge for a decent human being.