Calls in life

Life like a train takes us into a journey and through it imagewe meet many people. This trip has a beginning we are barely aware of, nor can we control the end stop.

During this travel all things change: the landscapes, the people we will travel with, and the pace of the moving train.

Nested in the train with our family we will learn our basic social skills, enjoy fluffy, grassy plains outside the window. Love and the warmth of our relatives will let us learn to stay in healthy relationships throughout our lives.

During our journey, flat lowlands will turn into rolling hills, impressive mountains and torrential rivers, sometimes rapidly, imagesometimes slowly.

We will meet and lose people; some of them will become part of our experiences, others dissolve in the morning fog. Some, like members of our family will stay in our hearts and smile at us at night.


Just Lovely my friend, I hope I'll be one of those will smile for you at nights :)
Jolanta Fallach said…
Thank you very much, sweet Bassima. You are a star :)
youtube Views said…
Great to know the -- in depth from this blog.This will really help for my forward steps to be taken.

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