Explanatory texts

An explanatory text has a lot in common with an informative text. They explain things in more details, telling the reader why and how something works or happens.

Key features of this type of texts:

  • It explains the subject and helps understand it more.
  • It may use diagrams, maps, pictures, photographs, etc.
  • It contains headings and subheadings to divide the text into chunks that are easy to understand.
  • Text is divided into steps to describe a process, using paragraphs, bullets or numbered points.
  • I uses technical terms related to the topic.

The style of the informative texts:

  • It is impersonal.
  • It uses precise words and sentences in a clear, informative tone.
  • It normally uses the present tense.
  • It uses connecting words to show how or why something happens. (first, next, later…)
  • It uses different font styles, sizes and colours to help pick out important words.
  • It uses conjunctions to show the steps of the process. (therefore, because, as a result of…)


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