Persuasive texts

A persuasive text is written to persuade you to do something like to buy a car or give money to charity; or to agree with the author’s point of view on the subject.

Key features of this type of texts:

  • It appeals to the reader’s feelings.
  • It contains a mix of facts and opinions.
  • It influences the reader with an emotionally one sided argument.
  • It gives reasons to make the reader want to do something.

The style of the persuasive texts:

  • It uses different type of print to make ideas stand out, like: bold, colours, capitals or italics.
  • It uses lots of persuasive words, like adjectives and adverbs.
  • it seems to speak directly to the reader by using imperative words.
  • It uses many repeated words.
  • It uses rhetorical questions.
  • It contains exclamation marks.
  • It contains humour


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