Types of text

In general, we categorise texts as fiction and non-fiction or formal and informal writing. Fiction works are based on imagination and non-fiction on facts.
Typical types of fiction are: prose, drama and poetry. Key features:
  • It tries to entertain the reader.
  • It is often based on a story.
  • It uses descriptive words, mostly adjectives and adverbs.
  • It uses pictures or depicts a scene to engross the reader in a story.
Types of texts
There are seven different types of texts, depends on the aim its author has or the purpose it was written for.
  1. Persuasive texts
  2. Instructive texts
  3. Informative texts
  4. Descriptive texts
  5. Explanatory texts
  6. Argument texts
  7. Entertain texts
  8. Recount texts


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